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Carpet Installation

In home measure | Terry's Floor Fashions

Schedule An In-Home Measure

Once you’ve selected your new carpeting, Terry’s Floor Fashions is here to help you every step of the way! We’ll conduct professional on-site measurements, remove your old flooring, and expertly install your new carpet. Learn what to expect & how to prepare before & during the carpet installation process.

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Preparing for your carpet installation

At Terry’s Floor Fashions, we always strive for a problem-free carpet installation. This typically involves providing our customers with the utmost detail about what to expect from the process. You can prepare ahead of time by following this quick checklist:

  • If you have an old carpet that we’ll be removing, you can minimize dust by vacuuming it thoroughly before removal.
  • If you’d like us to move your furniture, we’ll request that you stow all fragile items in advance, including those inside of furniture cabinets & drawers. We’ll ask you to empty closets & remove wall hangings such as picture frames.
  • We’ll measure all door clearances before installing your carpet to ensure that your doors will be able to clear the new carpet height. If not, we may recommend shaving or cutting your doors down, or we can provide you with specifications for new doors.
  • If you’re planning to paint your room in addition to installing new carpet, be sure to paint before the new carpet is laid! The last thing you want is to accidentally drip paint on your freshly installed surface.
  • Our team will do our best to prepare for your installation in entirety, but there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that can cause complications or extend our estimates. For example, if we remove your existing floors and encounter a problem with your subfloor, we may have to spend time cleaning or leveling before carpet can be laid.

During your carpet installation

When installation day finally arrives, there are a few more steps that we ask you to take to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • You or another adult member of your household (at least 18 years of age) should be home to greet the installation crew & show them to the work area.
  • Keep children & pets away from the work area for their safety.
  • Ask your lead installer any questions you may still have about the process before work begins.

The actual installation process will involve preparation of your subfloor to ensure that it’s smooth, clean, dry & level. We’ll then lay carpet padding, line up the seams (this step can be more complex for patterned carpet), and stretch the carpet to cover your floors.

Good communication between you & your installers is key to make sure there’s no confusion, and we’ll provide as much info as we can up front to make you feel as comfortable as possible going into installation day.

Carpet installation | Terry's Floor Fashions

Carpeting Care & Maintenance

Once your carpet is installed, all that’s left to do is establish a regular cleaning routine. For proper carpet care, just follow a few simple steps recommended by our experts here at Terry’s Floor Fashions. Our carpet care & maintenance guide offers cleaning tips, preventative care, long-term strategies & more to keep your carpet looking lovely for years to come.

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