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Area Rugs | Terry's Floor Fashions
Area Rugs | Terry's Floor Fashions
Area Rugs | Terry's Floor Fashions

Why area rugs?

Whether you want an eye-catching work of art in your living room or a neutral base to sit quietly in the background, the right area rug will enhance and complete the look in any room!

Area Rug Materials

Area Rug Materials

Depending on your budget and the style you're most interested in, you can choose from a variety of area rug materials. On the more affordable and durable end, you'll find polyester and acrylic rugs. If you want a more eco-friendly option, consider natural fiber or jute. If your tastes are a little fancier, opt for a quality wool or hand-made silk rug.

Area Rugs | Terry's Floor Fashions


Outdoor Area Rugs

While most people tend to think of area rugs inside the home, they also make fantastic additions to patios or decks! These rugs are more durable, made from materials that can withstand sun and moisture. This can be nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and even bamboo!


Do I need a rug pad?

While you don't need a rug pad, we'll always recommend them! Rug pads keep your area rugs in place and won't let them slide around on slippery surfaces. They also help protect the hard-surface flooring beneath your rug.

Choose from over 100,000 rugs!

At Terry's Floor Fashions, we’re proud to offer our customers a selection of over 100,000 area rugs in our online Rugs.Shop. You can choose from brands like Karastan, Nourison, Oriental Weavers, Milliken Sports, Liora Manne, and more, all from the comfort of your own home!

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Our rug brands

Choose from more than 100,000 rugs!

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